Age of Rust runs on the Enjin Platform. In order to play Age of Rust, you'll need to download the Enjin Wallet on your mobile device. Once installed, you'll be able to link your wallet to the game. This verifies ownership of the game items and allows you to view, sell, trade, and buy game items easily.

Enjin Wallet

Mission Cards

There are 8 core Mission cards and 2 bonus "Gold Card" Mission cards which are the LastLight and Origin cards. The Origin card, is the community founder token and unlocks all the missions and future games. The gold cards also unlock the special Discord channel for access to early screenshots, developer information, and other inside information.


Gear cards unlock special items in the game which can help you solve puzzles, unlock mini-games, or defeat particular foes. Collecting and using these items is important in progressing in missions, especially those with rewards.


Within the Enjin Multiverse, Age of Rust supports the following tokens in the multiverse! These tokens work like some of the gear cards with special functions and abilities. 

Season 1 Multiverse Support:
Shadowsong - Night vision
APG-M55 - Powerful handgun

ForgeHammer - Magnetic gun
Oindrasdain - Ultrapowerful canon.
Epochrome - Sword to cut through special materials.
Stormwall - Ultrapowerful temporary shield.