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A Metaverse of tokens

Age of Rust runs on the Enjin Platform. In order to play Age of Rust, you'll need to download the Enjin Wallet on your mobile device. Once installed, you'll be able to link your wallet to the game. This verifies ownership of the game items and allows you to view, sell, trade, and buy game items easily.

Enjin Wallet

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A bridge to Enjin JumpNet

In order to make the game more eco-friendly and have free transactions for players who own Age of Rust NFTs & tokens, the game and its tokens will move to Enjin JumpNet. This innovation makes it so that you can get NFT's from Age of Rust without having to pay any transaction or minting fees.

This update will be included in the main release for the game coming

in 2022. We're looking forward to being able to move the adventure

on to JumpNet for your Age of Rust NFTs and tokens soon.

RUSTBITS - The official token for Age of Rust

Rustbits are the primary tokens for Age of Rust. They are radioactive rust scraped off of the hulls of abandoned ships that are in orbit around a dying star. The star is so radioactive, it damages ships and is deadly if you venture too close to it. Getting bits of rust off of the stranded ships is difficult and is prized. The rust caries a quantum cryptographic signature and is stored in shielded linear chips... also compatible with Enjin wallets on Earth.


In-game use to buy some items in game in Age of Rust


Future airdrops for token hodlers.


The default in-game token for future SpacePirate games.


Mission Tokens



The mechs were originally created to repair colony ships on long multi-generational voyages across the galaxy. In a dark twist of fate, the mechs broke down over the eons but eventually figured out how to repair themselves. Once the parts to repair each other dried up, they turned to the sleeping colony ships and stripped them while the colonists died in their sleep. As some humans managed to defend themselves, the mechs figured out how to free themselves from the safety protocols that kept humans safe. Rogue Mechs then turned into lethal killing machines and now run amok throughout the galaxy.

There are 8 mission tokens and 2 bonus "Gold Card" tokens which are the LastLight and Origin cards. The Origin card, is the community founder token and unlocks all future games and the game tokens for Age of Rust  (excluding Ankh Artifact, Arjen's Holodrive, Ununpentium, Isolationists Mask, Mech Source Code, Canto's Private Keys, CryptoSkull Key, Stolen Shuttle Keycard, Silver Dawn Black Box, Wickwire Skull, Ancient Katana, Alien Artifact, Lastlight, Rustbits).


The gold tokens also unlock the special Discord channel for access to early screenshots, developer information, and other game information.

Gear, Supplies, and Trophy Tokens

Equipment cards unlock special items in the game which can help you solve puzzles, unlock mini-games, or defeat particular foes. Collecting and using these items is important in progressing in missions, especially those with rewards.



Equipable rifle in Season 1 of Age of Rust.

The KV Auto Pulse Rifle, manufactured by the Voltok corporation was designed for colony riot suppression. Later, it was adapted for Anti-Mech combat by the human resistance. Modifications included a sniper mode and heavier armor piercing round to penetrate Mech armor. The rifle fires a quick 5-shot pulse round or has a fully automatic mode with a 220 shot magazine.

Within the Enjin Multiverse, Age of Rust supports the following tokens in the multiverse! These tokens work like some of the gear cards with special functions and abilities. 

Season 1 Multiverse Support:
Shadowsong - Night vision
APG-M55 - Powerful handgun

ForgeHammer - Magnetic gun
Oindrasdain - Ultrapowerful canon.
Epochrome - Sword to cut through special materials.
Stormwall - Ultrapowerful temporary shield.


Multiverse Token Support

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