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SpacePirate Games

Mobile Blockchain Wallet Required

Partial gamepad support 


Not a "Play to Earn" (P2E) game

No micro-transactions, rebuys, or top-ups


age of rust

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The galaxy is in chaos, your destiny shrouded in mystery

In Age of Rust, players embark on a thrilling single-player sci-fi adventure filled with danger and intrigue. With immersive gameplay and a gripping storyline, players must navigate through abandoned ships, dangerous outposts, and battle-scarred planets while facing shadowy organizations, ruthless pirates, and rogue Mechs. As part of the elite Eclipse tactical group, players must complete daring missions and uncover the secrets of the past to save humanity's future.


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Meet the crew

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Quinn Holt

Quinn grew up on the mining colony of Helix Prime, where he learned the ins and outs of machinery and technology from his engineer parents. After losing his family in a pirate raid, Holt joined the Syndicate's Eclipse team as a way to seek justice and protect innocent lives. Despite his dedication to the cause, Holt struggles with inner demons and a tendency to take risks that put his own life in danger.

Arjen Calisto

Arjen Calisto was born on a wealthy colony in the central systems, but her family fell into disgrace and lost everything due to her father's illegal dealings. Forced to fend for herself, Arjen turned to bounty hunting as a way to survive and make a name for herself in the galaxy. She is known for her cunning tactics and impressive marksmanship, but also has a reputation for being ruthless and taking on any job for the right price.



Classified Intel Brief Notes



In the beginning of the game, you'll learn how to do a few of the most important game mechanics such as moving, fighting, and interacting with objects. Make sure you pay close attention to how to run & jump at the same time. It will be a key concept to learn and use in your galactic journey.


To gain access to the game, you need to own a Privateer NFT in your Polygon wallet. In addition, there are two treasure hunts and several bonus puzzles that can only be unlocked by owning Mission NFTs and Gold Card NFTs. So, start collecting these unique tokens to enhance your gaming experience and unlock special rewards.


Need a refresher or forgot something important? Take a look at your journal to review clues you've collected and dialogue from in-game characters. These details may provide valuable insight and help you overcome challenging puzzles or uncover hidden secrets.



Be mindful of your health and ammo during combat, as taking down enemy mechs can be intense. Running out of ammo can be detrimental, so make sure to keep an eye on your shots. Aiming for the head can cause critical damage to both mechs and humans, so choose your shots carefully.


Be sure to carefully examine items in the game and make use of the rotate function, as hidden clues may be found on the underside or back of objects that can aid in puzzle-solving. Paying close attention to these details could be the key to progressing through the game.


To avoid detection, stay hidden in the shadows and use cover to remain unseen. Be mindful of your surroundings, as noise can give away your position and make it harder to complete your objective.

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