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SpacePirate Games


Release Date - 2022

Mobile Blockchain Wallet Required

Gamepad Optional



Blood, Game Experience May Change During Online Play, Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence



age of rust

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The galaxy is in chaos, your destiny shrouded in mystery

Age of Rust is a story-driven, first-person action adventure puzzle game set in a dark sci-fi future where AI has taken over the galaxy.

To succeed where others have failed before, you’ll need to fight back against mechs and those plotting against you. Explore the different environments, find clues, and solve challenging puzzles that unlock the way forward.

Survive and uncover the key to stopping the Mechs... fail and the hope of humanity will be extinguished forever.

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Meet the crew



Quinn, a hero from the past was sequenced and stored away in a human vault for the future. Now,  brought back to a universe in chaos that has been taken over by AI run amok. He must use his skills to solve puzzles and get out of tough situations while in crosshairs of AI, bounty hunters, and everyone else in the galaxy.

Arjen Calisto

Arjen Calisto is ruthless, sly and also in has a hand in the fate of Quinn. Her skills as a bounty hunter are legendary across the galaxy as is her reputation for coming out on top no matter the cost. While providing details and support to Quinn, the question remains, can she be trusted?



Classified Intel Brief Notes



In the beginning of the game, you'll learn how to do a few of the most important game mechanics such as moving, fighting, and interacting with objects. Make sure you pay close attention to how to run & jump at the same time. It will be a key concept to learn and use in your galactic journey.


Some game items or puzzles can only be accessed by having special tokens in your Blockchain Wallet. You can get these tokens by solving some of the puzzles or from other players through OpenSea. 


Missed something or forgot what it was? You can look at your journal and see what clues you stumbled across and what was said by characters in the game. These might help you unlock a puzzle or solve a mystery.



Combat can be intense, watch your health while taking down the enemy mechs. Also, watch your ammo, you can run out if you don't watch your shots. Aiming for the head can do critical damage to both mechs and humans alike.


When inspecting items, play extra special attention to the ability to rotate them. There may be additional clues under or on the back of objects that may help you solve a puzzle.


There may be multiple ways to solve a particular puzzle. One way to solve a puzzle might be having a particular an NFT in your wallet.

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