Frequently asked questions

Is the game out yet?

Not yet, but the Beta for Season 1 will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

Where will the game be available?

The game will be available on Steam for download.

Do I need tokens to play the game?

To play the basic game, you only need to link the Enjin wallet to the game, but you don't need any tokens to start.

However, the game has multiple reward levels for solving puzzles. To get access to the higher level reward puzzles and potential to unlock a reward, you need tokens.
You can win the tokens as well to access the higher reward levels, however they are limited and difficult to obtain.

Where can I purchase the tokens to play the higher bounty levels?

The tokens you need are the "Mission Tokens" and "Rustbits", you can find the 10 mission tokens on the Enjin Marketplace or Opensea.
Enjin Marketplace OpenSea Age of Rust Store
Check the Enjin page for more details.

Some of your other games had crypto ciphers in them, do I need to know ciphers to solve the puzzles?

No you don't. There are no traditional crypto puzzles in Age of Rust, you're not required to blindly solve encryption or book ciphers for any of the puzzles. While some of the puzzles might require basic knowledge of math or the alphabet, many of the puzzles contain the hints and clues required to solve them, even though occasionally obscured.

I own an Enjin Age of Rust MFT, what does that do?

The token looks like the image to the left. It was minted by Enjin and was given away to early Enjin adopters in mini-games and QR scans. It's called a Multiverse Founders Token, but has caused some confusion because the crowdfund project founders token for Age of Rust (minted by SpacePirate Games) is the Origin token. However, owning the Enjin AoR MFT token will allow you to access the early Beta as well as a special level in Season 3 only available to Enjin AoR MFT and Origin token holders.

What tokens do I need to play the free beta?

Any Age of Rust token list here:

You can also access the free beta with this Enjin Minted Age of Rust MFT token:

Is the Beta out yet?

No the beta is not released yet, but when the beta is available, it will be on Steam

Is the game free? Is the beta free?

The game is being sold on steam, you will be able to purchase the game there.

The beta will be free, but you will need an Age of Rust token in order to play.

Since the treasure hunts require gold cards (tokens in your enjin wallet), can I get those in the game without buying them?

Yes, there are some gold card tokens available as bounties in the game for solving special puzzles.