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The Lost Treasure of the Silver Dawn

Legend speaks of a lost treasure hidden away by early deep space explorers. Bounty hunters, civilians, and pirates have searched for eons, but only whispers of its existence have resurfaced. Brave treasure seekers must gather clues and solve puzzles to uncover the vast riches before them.

Properly warned ye be, says I

As you can already imagine, finding the lost treasures in Age of Rust can be very challenging, even with many people or teams working together to find them. Go into the hidden treasure hunt with reasonable expectations and with the reality of finding something of value that is well hidden will be very difficult.

The world and puzzles in Age of Rust were meant to provide entertainment for everyone. The game and lost treasure is meant to be in the good faith effort and spirit of an arm-chair treasure hunt. All clues and the treasures themselves are inside the game and no where else.

Join the Discord for more discussions on the treasure hunt, tokens, and other game aspects.

Tokens Needed for Treasure Puzzles

Age of Rust is not a Pay-To-Win or Play-To-Earn game. There are no microtransactions to re-buy or top-up resources in the game.  The community around the project has been collecting tokens and participating in community side-puzzles and other challenges to obtain several tokens for the treasure hunt.

LastLight Token or Eternity Token needed for "The Alloyed Fortune"

Origin & LastLast Tokens needed for "Eclipse Artifact"

These tokens are available on Opensea:


SkyFire Lost Treasures

I had been on the hunt for the lost treasure for months, poring over countless leads and deciphering countless clues. Just when I thought I had hit a dead end, I stumbled upon a cryptic message that alluded to a place called SkyFire. It was a name I had never heard before, but it intrigued me nonetheless. I scoured through my notes, looking for any mention of it, but found nothing. It was then that I realized that this clue was the key to unlocking a series of puzzles that had eluded me until now. I spent days piecing together the meaning behind the message, and finally, it all came together. SkyFire wasn't a place at all 

There are 8 mission tokens which unlock several bonus puzzles within the game. To interact with the SkyFire puzzles, you need all of the following tokens: Rogue Mechs, Runner, Ghost, Devastation, Crusade, Revenge, Bounty, and Wasteland. 

WARNING: Before purchasing any NFTs, it is crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you understand the risks and potential benefits involved. The value of NFTs can be highly speculative and may fluctuate greatly based on the community's perception and interest. Please be aware that Age of Rust is currently under development, and as such, the tokens, their in-game usage, and functionality may be subject to change over time. The developers are committed to making a good faith effort to deliver a quality gaming experience; however, the value of the NFTs associated with the game is not guaranteed or directly influenced by the game or its developers. We strongly encourage all potential buyers to carefully consider their investment, analyze the project's progress, and monitor community sentiment before making any decisions. Remember, the value of NFTs is driven by multiple factors, and it is essential to be well-informed before taking any financial risks.The portal to purchase or claim your Privateer Digital Pass will be available soon.

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