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Solving puzzles ​in Age of Rust requires a keen eye for hints and clues to bounties hidden in the game.

Arm-chair treasure hunters can sit back and explore the worlds looking for the lost treasures ciphered away into the game.

Properly warned ye be, says I

As you can already imagine, finding the hidden treasures in the game can be  very challenging, even with many people or teams working together to find them. Go into the treasure hunt with reasonable expectations and with the reality of finding something of value that is well hidden will be very difficult.

The world and puzzles in Age of Rust were meant to provide entertainment for everyone. The game and hunt is meant to be in the good faith effort and spirit of an arm-chair treasure hunt. 

Join the Discord for more discussions on the treasure hunt, tokens, and other game aspects.

Tokens Needed for Treasure Hunts

Age of Rust is not a Pay-To-Win or Play-To-Earn game. The NFTs, tokens, and treasure hunts all take skill to solve the puzzles.  Each of the tokens mentioned below can be found in the game without having to purchase them. However, they are rare and difficult to obtain.


Mission Tokens

Mission tokens allow you to access puzzles related to the various treasures and trophies. Within the context of the game, you'll see a mission has been unlocked for you in your journal with a starting clue. 

​Any mission token will unlock all the missions for the game. There are 8 styles of mission tokens with different art, you only need 1 mission token to unlock all the missions. If you collect all 8 tokens, you have the opportunity to try to find the CryptoSkull Key bonuses in the game. 

Special Mission Tokens

There are two special mission tokens, which are Origin and Lastlight. 

  • Origin unlocks all items in the game, whether you have the token for them or not.

  • Lastlight and Origin tokens are needed for the cryptocurrency treasure hunts in the game.

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